Massive Media is a boutique, full service film and video company that is committed to providing the highest quality images for projects of all budgets and sizes, for media, film and television industries.


Whether you already have a concept or you want to collaborate on the creative direction for your project.  We know how to approach projects of every scale and genre, from single-camera operator to full commercial crews. We also offer a full complement of post-production services including editing, visual effects, sound design, and color correction.






Cinema and the art of film making


"Cinema" is the art of simulating experiences to communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere.


Small productions with a big impact


We offer comprehensive packages that streamline costs and efficiency, providing the highest quality video tailored for your needs.


Brands, products and people


Whatever your needs are to produce a commercial, from aerial photography to steady-cam and beyond.  We have the crew to complete your vision.


Clients including but not limited to: